The app for Investment Clubs

What We Do

At Ploutos, we embody the spirit of the Greek God of wealth in our mission to assist investment clubs and cooperatives handle the technology aspects of their business.

We design dashboards and apps for member management, payment collection, reporting, and messaging.

We offer a full suite of tools and resources tailored to the unique needs of group investing.


Subomi Plumptre & Kola Oyeneyin

Our founders, Subomi Plumptre and Kola Oyeneyin, are distinguished African and Diasporan leaders with a shared vision for leveraging technology for wealth creation.

Subomi’s expertise lies in strategy, marketing and fund management, while Kola brings a rich background in entrepreneurial ventures and digital innovations.

Together, they blend a deep understanding of finance with a passion for technology.


Vizient Coop Dashboard

Our collaboration with Vizient Coop in Africa led to the creation of a dashboard that enhances investment management and member experience.

This project underscores our dedication to harnessing technology for effective group investments, simplifying onboarding and portfolio monitoring.

Opportunik App

We created a revolutionary global fund management app for Opportunik. It simplified investment and enhanced the user experience for retail and institutional investing.


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